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We’re a team of professional strategists, creatives and consultants who love to elevate our clients’ visibility, sales and reputation in the digital world. Rather than relying on old-fashioned outbound marketing, we measure success by how well we create solutions based on what motivates our clients’ customers.

We take full advantage of the Internet and work from our own locations. Put another way, we aren’t roller-skating around in a sweet SoHo loft or a renovated warehouse in San Francisco on our breaks, so we don’t have to pass that overhead on to you. (BTW, we have nothing against roller-skating.)

We are pleased to introduce our team:

Chuck Moran

Owner and Chief Designer

Chuck has over four decades of experience in the marketing and creative fields, (he’d have grey hair if he had any hair). He worked with twin-coat rubber cement and single-edged razor blades to create artwork back in the day. Chuck’s been designing and building websites since the mid-nineties; currently specializing in WordPress, he loves to build sites and create solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. His largest project was redeveloping a 5,000-page website for the University of Virginia. A UVA grad, Chuck is proud to call Charlottesville, VA home.

Molly Marshall

Digital Marketing Strategist

Molly has 11+ years of digital marketing experience. Before becoming a social media consultant for small- and medium-sized businesses, she was responsible for creating and implementing the digital strategy for a global durable goods manufacturer for over a decade. She particularly enjoys solving real business problems by creating valuable online content and crafting social media strategies that get results. Molly is a data-driven, results-oriented, forever-student of marketing who lives outside of Portland, OR with her husband and three boys.


Chris N. Johnson

Copywriter & Editor

Chris specializes in helping people understand and embrace your good ideas. He has been writing professionally for more than 20 years, first as a journalist at newspapers in Pennsylvania and Bloomberg News and later as a marketing communications specialist at two, large healthcare systems. Chris has written all manner of communications for clients ranging from nonprofits and universities to one of the largest radiology practices in the U.S. A graduate of Lafayette College, he lives with his wife, two daughters and two cats (who never listen) in Princeton, NJ.

Heather Ausborn

Graphic Designer

Heather comes to us with over 15 years of graphic design experience. Since she was a little girl she knew that she was going to do something creative when she “grew up”, and finds constant inspiration in her daily life. She has worked for several global companies over the years creating their entire brand look-and-feel; from print to digital to social media. A native Oregonian, Heather is often found outside exploring with her two active boys, teaching Zumba or updating her Instagram.

Sam Kempf & Kirby Martin

Video Storytellers

Sam and Kirby have a combined 27 years of experience producing engaging and cinematic video content. They use their arsenal of state-of-the-art tools—including ultra high definition cameras and drones—to capture gorgeous aerial footage, and they love to combine their penchant for stunning imagery with their passion for telling their clients’ stories in a captivating and memorable way. Located in Charlottesville, VA, Sam and Kirby are ready to help you elevate the impact of your website and marketing strategy with engaging video content.

Here’s an example of Sam and Kirby’s amazing work (click on the full screen button):

Kristina Headrick

Blogger / Strategist

Kristina’s insatiable curiosity led her to start writing about art while studying at UVA. She hasn’t stopped since and has had work published in many publications, including Thrillist, Bust Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine and Paste. She has written copy for myriad companies and start ups in the music, wellness, and experiential technology industries. Her holistic approach involves intensive research (see, history majors DO have marketable skills) and attention to detail so she can craft an arresting story about your business. A former resident of Charlottesville, Kristina now lives as a digital nomad wherever there’s wifi (and sunshine). When not tethered to her laptop, she enjoys meditation, dance, and music.

Natasha Kalergis

Social Media Manager

Natasha has worked with top national and international brands and has a specific affinity for the e-commerce world. She creates content calendars and paid media campaigns, and runs earned media and experientialPR efforts. She also actively monitors news, pop culture and client keywords to identify and execute on real-time engagement opportunities and develops and executes communications strategies for celebrity and influencer partnerships. With a passion for anthropology and art history and an obsession with news and pop-culture, social media is the intersection of marketing and humanities where Natasha thrives. 

Annelise Lynch

Analytics, Data & SEO

Annelise is passionate about data and thinks of herself as an ultimate data nerd. She has extensive experience in analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing. An expert in small- to medium-sized businesses, Annelise’s skills enable owners and teams to make effective decisions and take actionable steps to make their companies grow. Currently, Annelise is working remotely as she travels Southeast Asia. In addition to traveling and adventuring, she enjoys playing music, seeing live music, and hiking.

 If you need assistance with anything from a new or updated website to social media to branding or video, please see our Services page, and take a look at some of the websites we’ve designed.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Chuck Moran, Chief Bald Guy

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