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Chuck Moran, Chief Bald Guy


We’re a team of professional strategists, creatives and consultants who love to elevate our clients’ visibility, sales and reputation in the digital world. Rather than relying on old-fashioned outbound marketing, we measure success by how well we create solutions based on what motivates our clients’ customers.

We take full advantage of the Internet and work from our own locations. Put another way, we aren’t roller-skating around in a sweet SoHo loft or a renovated warehouse in San Francisco on our breaks, so we don’t have to pass that overhead on to you. (BTW, we have nothing against roller-skating.)

Meet our team:

Chuck Moran, Owner & Chief Designer

Chuck Moran

Owner & Chief Designer
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Molly Marshall, Digital Marketing Strategist

Molly Marshall

Digital Marketing Strategist
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Dana Mook, Project Manager

Dana Mook

Project Manager
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Lauren Perry, Branding Specialist

Lauren Perry

Branding Specialist
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Alison Mamadou, PPC Strategist

Alison Mamadou

PPC Strategist 
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Natasha Kalergis, Social Media Manager

Natasha Kalergis

Social Media Manager 
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Kristina Headrick, Blogger & Content Strategist

Kristina Headrick

Blogger, Strategist 
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Ken Shafton, Integrated Marketing Strategist

Ken Shafton

Integrated Marketing Strategist 
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Karlyn Williams, Online Reviews & Reputation Manager

Karlyn Williams

Online Reviews & Reputation Manager 
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Heather Ausborn, Graphic Designer

Heather Ausborn

Graphic Designer
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Sam Kempf

Video Storyteller 
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