You have specialized knowledge. Could you market yourself as a guru? A brand new .guru domain just opened up for pre-registration.

If you’re a foodie, how about a owning a website domain that ends in .recipe? Do you feature tips on your website? .tips is available. If you’re a travel agent, think how you could use a .voyage domain.

Are you a professional photographer? Computer repair shop? .photography and .repair are open for pre-registration now.

What's in a (top level domain) name?

Welcome to 2014, the year a whole raft of terrific and descriptive new domains will become — and many already are — available. I’ve read that 1,400 new ones will hit the market.

Since the creation of the .com domain decades ago, and the subsequent land rush on it, people have sought short, memorable and meaningful domains. Post land rush, and with good .coms in short supply, a computer repair shop owner in New Jersey, until now, was relegated to mashing up a .com like or wandering into domains with less zest like .net or .biz. Now, Bob can own and Really … I just checked.

The new domains are in a pre-registration phase now, meaning you can’t literally own and use them yet, but it appears it’s first come, first served. The domain registrar I used is  They offer a very easy-to-use interface; I went there to nab and a couple more. If you want to play with the new domains directly, go here.

Domain launch schedule.

More info from USA Today.

So get out there and grab yourself some new Internet real estate!

Let me know if you score some cool domains, or if you have questions about this while new exciting world, and feel free to comment below.

Have fun!