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Google “Mobilegeddon:” If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google’s search rankings will punish it.

Don't panic, but do test and prepare. See updated info. Google stands as the gatekeeper of the Internet. Their ranking algorithms, which determine which websites come up where in their search results, are so influential that in 2009, a small French town changed its official name in order to avoid being lost in Google’s algorithm. I kid you not, the small town of Eu decided [...]

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A new set of descriptive website domains is arriving at a registrar near you!

You have specialized knowledge. Could you market yourself as a guru? A brand new .guru domain just opened up for pre-registration. If you're a foodie, how about a owning a website domain that ends in .recipe? Do you feature tips on your website? .tips is available. If you're a travel agent, think how you could use a .voyage domain. Are you a professional photographer? Computer repair shop? .photography and .repair [...]

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How to Market on Facebook: Back to (Seven) Basics

Savvy U.Va. grad John Freeman manages social media and online marketing for the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention and Visitor Bureau. Since 2010, and with a minimal budget and staff resources, he has taken the Experience Charlottesville Facebook page from zero to more than 74,000 fans. A year ago, his page was the most engaged destination page in the world, second only to Disney! How'd he do it? With seven basics. (Watch [...]

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Embed Instagram photos and videos on your website

I just discovered a neat way to embed individual Instagram photos and videos like this one from the most awesome paperfashion on your website. This one is from paperfashion. (Hit the arrow to play the video). Thanks, Hubspot for letting us know how to do the embedding. Since that article was written, the way you find the embed code has changed: instead of selecting the embed link in a blue column [...]

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For marketers, Instagram just got a whole lot more interesting

Check out this 15-second video lululemon just launched on Instagram for a community event called #SeaWheeze. The video is polished yet simple and the soundtrack really makes it work. (Hit the arrow to play it.) Augmenting the in-app video capability introduced in late June, Instagram has rolled out a way for us to upload 15-second videos that were shot and edited in other applications. Are brands excited? Why, yes, yes, they are. For [...]

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Inbound marketing: head ’em up, move ’em in

Here's how to keep it straight: Outbound is out, inbound is in. Pretty much.  Outbound marketing is what we all grew up on: radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertising, direct mail, billboards, telemarketing and, recently, email blasts. In a world where marketers had lousy tools to measure success, they used what they had: intrusive, poorly-targeted messages fired shotgun-style at the public. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is highly-targeted, measurable, and usually non-intrusive [...]

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