Zooming in Style

The working world has dramatically changed since COVID-19, and chances are, the way you dress for work has, too. With working remotely being more prevalent than ever (along with the fact that it’s likely here to stay), it’s making some of us rethink the way that we present ourselves to colleagues. Being in front of a webcam, in your home, is a whole different situation than being in a [...]

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Is Zoom really different from its competitors? Zoom’s CFO responds

On June 8, 2020, CNBC’s Squawk Box interviewed Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg on how Zoom differentiates itself from its competition. When asked how Zoom sets itself apart from other video conferencing products in the market (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Rooms), Steckelberg touted her platform’s ease of use and reliability. “As you have seen during this period of time -- where we grew from 10 million daily participants in [...]

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The importance of online business reviews

Having a great website design and regular social media posts aren't enough. Why? Your brand isn't what you tell people it is ... it's what people tell each other it is! Your customers are talking about your business behind your back. They’re the most important people in the world besides family and friends, and they’re having conversations that affect your bottom line. Do you know what they’re saying? It’s simple: [...]

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You need to be GDPR compliant … wait, what?

You may have heard some frantic rumblings recently about “GDPR” and “GDPR compliance,” or you may recall being overwhelmed with emails from companies saying they've updated their privacy policies. Those emails are landing in your in-box because of GDPR. This screenshot shows five emails I got in a row just before the law went into effect - four are about GDPR and privacy policies. Have no fear. The team at Bald [...]

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Watch out if you’re a social media content creator using your own mobile phone or camera photos

A young woman on the barstool next to me is suddenly screaming at me, stabbing her finger at my phone, slicing through my recent photos. “You have NO RIGHT to take my picture!” I’m deleting the last few shots as fast as I can. “I’m an artist. I take pictures!” My meek defense has no effect. A big man on the other side of me is bellowing in my face, his cigarette-tainted breath close [...]

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From commercial art to digital marketing: my chat with Greg Kelly at Studio IX

Greg Kelly: Hey, Chuck. Chuck Moran: Hey, G. Greg: So let’s start with a simple one. What is it that you do? Chuck: I own a digital marketing agency called ‘Bald Guy Studio,’ and I’m happily ensconced in Studio IX. Greg: The feeling's mutual. What exactly is a digital marketing agency? Chuck: Good question. ‘Digital marketing agency’ can mean a number of things. We create marketing solutions that elevate whatever [...]

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Social Media Marketing World 2018: The largest gathering of social media pros, period!

Tickets are now on sale for Social Media Marketing World 2018 in sunny San Diego! Social Media Marketing World is the conference designed to help you master social media marketing (brought to you by the amazing Social Media Examiner). I attended in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and have been blown away every year. The knowledge I picked up was matched by the incredible networking opportunities. Honestly, attending this conference and connecting with [...]

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Pokémon is back and now the elusive Pikachu can bring customers right to your door.

Have you seen kids and adults exhibiting a new smartphone behavior recently? They walk a ways, stop, hurriedly tap their smartphones and walk on. Chances are they're hooked on the revival of an old craze that is really taking off in the form of a mobile app called Pokémon GO. Maybe you're one of those people. If not, the weekend's almost here, and the game beckons. According to Vox, "Pokémon Go is an inescapable force of nature. Building on [...]

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Join 100+ social media experts at the largest social media marketing conference

The conference has ended, but fear not! There will be a companion conference online in the Fall, and Social Media Marketing World 2017 is being planned. I'll be sharing tips and tricks from what I learned, so please sign up for my Web Power News and get the latest! Social Media Marketing World is the conference designed to help you master social media marketing (brought to you by the amazing Social Media Examiner). I [...]

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Getting away to it all

“Work-life balance.” Wait ... let's put those words in a healthier order: “life-work balance.” I can promise you, though, that I wasn’t thinking about either version of the term when Diane and I recently hiked the trails on Mount Rainier. I wasn’t thinking about work and, with life all around us, I wasn’t really thinking about that either … I was just in it. There isn’t room in your brain [...]

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