Master social media marketing & content creation with 180+ pros at #SMMW17

Tickets are now on sale for Social Media Marketing World 2017 in sunny San Diego! Social Media Marketing World is the conference designed to help you master social media marketing (brought to you by the amazing Social Media Examiner). I attended in 2015 and 2016 and was blown away. The knowledge I picked up was matched by the [...]

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Pokémon is back and now the elusive Pikachu can bring customers right to your door.

Have you seen kids and adults exhibiting a new smartphone behavior recently? They walk a ways, stop, hurriedly tap their smartphones and walk on. Chances are they're hooked on the revival of an old craze that is really taking off in the form of a mobile app called Pokémon GO. Maybe you're one of those people. If not, the weekend's almost here, and the [...]

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Join 100+ social media experts at the largest social media marketing conference

The conference has ended, but fear not! There will be a companion conference online in the Fall, and Social Media Marketing World 2017 is being planned. I'll be sharing tips and tricks from what I learned, so please sign up for my Web Power News and get the latest! Social Media Marketing World is the conference designed [...]

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Getting away to it all

“Work-life balance.” Wait ... let's put those words in a healthier order: “life-work balance.” I can promise you, though, that I wasn’t thinking about either version of the term when Diane and I recently hiked the trails on Mount Rainier. I wasn’t thinking about work and, with life all around us, I wasn’t really thinking [...]

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What do exercise instructors, social media pros and disappearing peep shows have in common?

Periscope, that's what. Wait ... isn't periscope that sneaky spy thing on the top of a submarine? Yes. And it's also a powerful new smartphone video broadcast application that's taking the online world by storm (10 million accounts were created in its first four months). It lets you instantly "go live" with a video broadcast wherever you are. [...]

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Google Mobilegeddon: fact or fizzle?

Google planned to punish non-mobile-friendly websites starting in April, 2015. Turns out they did. On April 21, Google warned that it was going to roll out a change to its search algorithm that would favor mobile-friendly websites over non-mobile-friendly ones when people conduct searches on mobile devices. This change could negatively affect one company over its competitor. Leading [...]

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Google “Mobilegeddon:” If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google’s search rankings will punish it.

Don't panic, but do test and prepare. See updated info. Google stands as the gatekeeper of the Internet. Their ranking algorithms, which determine which websites come up where in their search results, are so influential that in 2009, a small French town changed its official name in order to avoid [...]

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A new set of descriptive website domains is arriving at a registrar near you!

You have specialized knowledge. Could you market yourself as a guru? A brand new .guru domain just opened up for pre-registration. If you're a foodie, how about a owning a website domain that ends in .recipe? Do you feature tips on your website? .tips is available. If you're a travel agent, think how you could [...]

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How to Market on Facebook: Back to (Seven) Basics

Savvy U.Va. grad John Freeman manages social media and online marketing for the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention and Visitor Bureau. Since 2010, and with a minimal budget and staff resources, he has taken the Experience Charlottesville Facebook page from zero to more than 74,000 fans. A year ago, his page was the most engaged destination page [...]

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Embed Instagram photos and videos on your website

I just discovered a neat way to embed individual Instagram photos and videos like this one from the most awesome paperfashion on your website. This one is from paperfashion. (Hit the arrow to play the video). Thanks, Hubspot for letting us know how to do the embedding. Since that article was written, the way you find [...]

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