For marketers, Instagram just got a whole lot more interesting

Check out this 15-second video lululemon just launched on Instagram for a community event called #SeaWheeze. The video is polished yet simple and the soundtrack really makes it work. (Hit the arrow to play it.) Augmenting the in-app video capability introduced in late June, Instagram has rolled out a way for us to upload 15-second videos that were [...]

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Inbound marketing: head ’em up, move ’em in

Here's how to keep it straight: Outbound is out, inbound is in. Pretty much.  Outbound marketing is what we all grew up on: radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertising, direct mail, billboards, telemarketing and, recently, email blasts. In a world where marketers had lousy tools to measure success, they used what they had: intrusive, poorly-targeted messages fired shotgun-style [...]

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