Zooming in Style

The working world has dramatically changed since COVID-19, and chances are, the way you dress for work has, too. With working remotely being more prevalent than ever (along with the fact that it’s likely here to stay), it’s making some of us rethink the way that we present ourselves to colleagues. Being in front of a webcam, in your home, is a whole different situation than being in a [...]

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Is Zoom really different from its competitors? Zoom’s CFO responds

On June 8, 2020, CNBC’s Squawk Box interviewed Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg on how Zoom differentiates itself from its competition. When asked how Zoom sets itself apart from other video conferencing products in the market (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Rooms), Steckelberg touted her platform’s ease of use and reliability. “As you have seen during this period of time -- where we grew from 10 million daily participants in [...]

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