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Watch out if you’re a social media content creator using your own mobile phone or camera photos

A young woman on the barstool next to me is suddenly screaming at me, stabbing her finger at my phone, slicing through my recent photos. “You have NO RIGHT to take my picture!” I’m deleting the [...]

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From commercial art to digital marketing: my chat with Greg Kelly at Studio IX

Greg Kelly: Hey, Chuck. Chuck Moran: Hey, G. Greg: So let’s start with a simple one. What is it that you do? Chuck: I own a digital marketing agency called ‘Bald Guy Studio,’ and I’m [...]

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Social Media Marketing World 2018: The largest gathering of social media pros, period!

Tickets are now on sale for Social Media Marketing World 2018 in sunny San Diego! Social Media Marketing World is the conference designed to help you master social media marketing (brought to you by the amazing Social [...]

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Pokémon is back and now the elusive Pikachu can bring customers right to your door.

Have you seen kids and adults exhibiting a new smartphone behavior recently? They walk a ways, stop, hurriedly tap their smartphones and walk on. Chances are they're hooked on the revival of an old craze that is really taking off in the [...]

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