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Online Video Mastery™

High-impact video conference training for
professionals, teachers, and trainers

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Help everyone on your team

Deliver better video content with confidence.

Struggling with “Zoom and Gloom”? Is your organization’s impact suffering because of distracting, poor-quality, dimly lit online video meetings? Are your online classes revealing your professionalism?

Make the virtual leap with online video training brought to you by the team at Bald Guy Studio.

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We include everything you need in one customized package for your organization.

From getting started to keeping your sessions secure to gear we recommend, we’ve got you covered.

What about support you say? We’ve got that, too.

Schedule your free 30 minute assessment so we can learn what your team is struggling with as they work or teach remotely. We’ll provide some solutions during the call.

Our training contains everything you need

Online video conferencing is here to stay, but your impact could be gone tomorrow if your audience can’t see, hear, understand, or focus on your information.

Whether you need to engage your team during a staff meeting, expand your services to your client, or serve a classroom of students, our full-service Online Video Mastery™ program gets you up and running quickly, effectively, and easily.

Online Meeting Mastery
for Leaders and Managers

Maximize Engagement and Collaboration

  • Use technology to your advantage
  • Bring meetings to life (without real-life distractions)
  • Create a branded resource tailored to your organization’s specific needs
  • Scale resources better, faster, and more easily
  • Engage your audience with high-res video and attractive lighting
  • Use Zoom reactions and chat to create buy-in and reduce the confusion of visual cues

Online Course Mastery
For Teachers and Trainers

Maximize Your Classes

  • Flatten the learning curve for both course makers and takers
  • Launch courses in a fraction of the time with 10x the impact
  • Get multiple teachers, courses, and modules up and running simultaneously with branded training
  • Perfect for K-12 schools, universities, art studios, workshops, and more!

Online video that feels as good as it looks and sounds

Build trust, engagement, and repeat experiences.

With online video communications, your visual presentation makes a profound and lasting impression (especially if it’s recorded!).

Our Online Video Mastery™ program will give you the tools you need to communicate clearly, professionally, and confidently—both inside and outside your organization.

The proof is in the doing

The Coronavirus Outbreak Hit this Art Park Hard

Maryland’s Glen Echo Park is home to 13 resident artists and arts organizations, two top children’s theaters, numerous art studios and galleries, and hundreds of ceramics, painting, photography, glass, music, and dance classes conducted by over 100 instructors. In a typical year, these activities, along with concerts, festivals, and special events bring more than 350,000 visitors to the Park.

2020, however, certainly hasn’t been a typical year. The coronavirus outbreak closed the Park. Glen Echo’s revenue plummeted as instructors, stuck at home, had no need to rent their studio space at the Park, and the instructors were facing loss of income because students couldn’t take classes for which they had enrolled.

This is where Bald Guy Studio entered the picture. We were hired to create an online classroom training for instructors and a separate one for students.

Want to do this for your own organization?

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Case Study: Glen Echo Park Art Instructor Training

Check out the story from art instructor Walt Bartman:

“Taking and making great video content isn’t rocket science—for a lot of organizations, it’s harder! Our training is designed to help everyone on your team look and feel confident and competent on camera—regardless of their starting skill level.”

Chuck Moran, Founder of Bald Guy Studio

If you’re at the forefront of your industry and you have laundry in the background, you might as well be folding socks.

If you’re at the forefront of your industry and you have laundry in the background, you might as well be folding socks.

As part of our training, we’ll help you:

  • Eliminate the visual and audio distractions that detract from your authority
  • Drastically reduce the time it takes to train your organization on how to maximize their video efforts
  • Establish your team as a competent, confident communicators
  • Deploy a tailored set of tools to enhance your performance—and outcomes
  • Choose the right equipment for your specific set-up
  • Set yourself apart from your competition

From a Yellow Barn Studio student:


I just wanted to say that I found this whole experience today to be extremely uplifting and hopeful. I’m very grateful to have this artistic outlet at such a difficult time, when there’s too much doom and gloom about. I’m so thankful you are doing this, and I can tell how much effort and thought is put into the process. It feels very empowering. Thank you.
Kim Y.

Our Training

Starting with our assessment call, we’ll build a customized training package based on your organization’s needs and goals. Our sole mission is to show you and your team how to meet, present and/or teach online professionally and confidently.

We’ll choose from the following components as we put together your custom training package:

  • Your own welcome message via text or video; we will provide a script and guidance
  • Your organization’s logo on each module
  • Your organization’s branding colors
  • A custom branded Zoom virtual background for your meetings or classes
  • Six complete, up-to-date modules:
    • Getting Started
    • Scheduling a Meeting
    • Running a Meeting
    • Keeping Your Meetings Secure
    • Best Practices for Professional Meetings
    • Gear Recommendations
  • Ways to keep your meetings fresh and lively and avoid Zoom fatigue / “Zoom and gloom”
  • Suggestions for integrating other productivity applications to make online life easier
  • Ways to build connections with your community
  • Updates as Zoom releases upgrades to their platform
  • Custom number of seat licenses for your team
  • Custom number of coaching and/or tech support hours provided via Zoom, phone or email

From the Executive Director at Glen Echo Park Partnership

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

“Chuck and his team helped us to train our instructors to [teach] online and created training materials for them, and also helped [us] think through the framework for our offerings online. Very easy to work with, knowledgeable and thoughtful – moved quickly. Very good value for the work done!”

Katey Boerner, Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions

The people in my organization find Zoom meetings to be exhausting. Will this training help with that?2020-06-05T12:25:47-05:00

Yes! We address “Zoom and Gloom” or Zoom exhaustion in our packages by teaching skills on keeping your participants engaged. 

Are the hours of support you provide the total for my organization, or for each seat license?2020-06-17T10:29:23-05:00

The coaching and support hours are the total for the organization and can be divided as you see fit.

I’ve seen concerns around Zoom’s security, including “Zoom Bombing” in the news. Does your training address security?2020-06-05T12:30:15-05:00

Yes, we have a training module focused specifically on security. Our training coaches you on how to keep your meetings, classes, and presentations secure while putting you in charge of ensuring your audience members participate appropriately. 

Zoom is undergoing an upgrade in their quest for tight security, and this module presents recent news on their efforts.

Do you offer an installment payment plan?2020-06-05T12:36:05-05:00

Yes, we have an installment plan available. We will cover this option in our assessment call, or you can contact us for more information.

What kind of information is contained in the six training modules?2020-06-05T12:24:22-05:00

Here are descriptions for each of the six training modules:

Getting Started: This module contains information on ensuring you have the appropriate account type for your organization, using the optimal setup of your Zoom software, account, and profile.

Scheduling a Meeting: This section provides training on properly scheduling a Zoom “meeting.” Zoom uses the term “meeting” to cover all kinds of sessions including classes, events, and art gallery openings. We also cover which settings to enable and disable for your needs.

Running a Meeting: This one provides training on Zoom’s meeting features, including audio/video configuration, screen sharing, and managing participants. It covers tactics like muting everyone on arrival into the “waiting room,” and how to use Zoom’s remote control feature.

Keeping Your Meetings Secure: This module includes Zoom’s important security features and how to use them to prevent “Zoom Bombing” and other unwanted activity.

Best Practices for Professional Meetings: This module includes training on optimal lighting and audio setup, maintaining a professional appearance on camera, engaging with participants, and more.

Gear Recommendations: We provide specific recommendations on gear that will enhance your presentations including tripods, mics and cameras. The good news is that with a good smartphone and earbuds, you have the basic kit that you’ll need.

Let us show you how you can confidently use this technology to your advantage.

Free 30 Minute Assessment

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  • We’ll ask what you’re team is struggling with as they work or teach remotely
  • We’ll provide some specific solutions you can implement immediately
  • We’ll explore what support you’re able to provide at this time
  • We’ll answer any questions you may have about Online Video Mastery™

Fill out the form and we’ll schedule your free 30 minute assessment in the coming days.

Chuck Moran, Owner & Chief Designer

Chuck Moran
Founder & Chief Designer
Bald Guy Studio

Ok, sounds good. But just who are the people behind this training?

Established in 2003 and based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Bald Guy Studio is a team of professional strategists, creatives and consultants who love to elevate our clients’ visibility, sales and reputation in the digital world. Rather than relying on old-fashioned outbound marketing, we measure success by how well we create solutions based on what motivates our clients’ customers.

What our Bald Guy Studio Clients are Saying

Josh Penn

Consulting firm; WordPress website

I highly recommend Bald Guy Studio! Chuck and his team are knowledgeable, thoughtful, and thorough, and built our group a website for a high-visibility local client that looks amazing. Chuck and Dana were straightforward and gracious, and we felt they went the extra mile to help us achieve our web design goals. This was a great first experience with BGS, and we hope to work with them again soon!

Katie Davenport

Housing improvement non-profit; WordPress website

So glad we found Chuck! Bald Guy Studio provides the highest-quality services and newest online collaborative tools to reach the ultimate end goal in making your organization stand out in the digital environment. During every step in our nonprofit’s website refresh in 2017, Chuck listened carefully to our needs and goals and developed a custom plan that exceeded our expectations. Chuck and his team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to websites and social media strategies, which make it a pleasure to work with Bald Guy Studio. And we can’t say enough great things about Chuck as a person – his passion and conviction for social justice makes me miss not working with him on a daily basis.

Elisabeth Drumm

Crafter; Squarespace e-commerce website

Chuck did my website design and development – and he did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier with my new site. Best of all: my customers love it, too, and it has helped increase sales. Working with Chuck and his team has been easy and very enjoyable; all of them are creative and technically savvy, exactly what I needed. I would give Bald Guy Studio 6 stars if I could. Great experience all around. Thank you!

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