Having a great website design and regular social media posts aren’t enough.

Why? Your brand isn’t what you tell people it is … it’s what people tell each other it is!

Your customers are talking about your business behind your back. They’re the most important people in the world besides family and friends, and they’re having conversations that affect your bottom line.

Do you know what they’re saying? It’s simple: you do if you’re keeping up with your online reviews, and you don’t if you’re not. And getting on top of reviews means you can influence the conversations.

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I’ve said for decades (true story) that testimonials are the most powerful – yet underutilized – marketing tool we have. It’s just human nature to trust someone who has already experienced a product or service over the person who’s pushing the product or service.

This sounds a little nuts when you think about it, but we often ascribe this amazing power of persuasion to complete strangers. You react more favorably to a comment from someone who says, “This powder gave me energy I thought was gone forever” over a Facebook ad that says, “Mix up a smoothie with our Non-GMO Kickapoo Green Joy Juice Powder and feel young again! You might even lose 10 pounds!” Really?

Online #reviews are modern testimonials. Or, in the case of negative reviews, hate mail. Click To Tweet

As a business, there are several ways to gather testimonials, but to know what your customers think about you in real time, you need to stay on top of — and influence — your online reviews because that’s where your customers are talking behind your back. There’s an art to getting reviews and responding to them.

Online reviews

Online reviews are modern testimonials. Or, in the case of negative reviews, hate mail. People who have visited your store, read your book, purchased your course, eaten at your restaurant, or been to your car wash have opinions, and they matter.

12 Reasons Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Online Reviews

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If you delight a customer, they could hop on Google (or another review platform like Facebook or Yelp), look up your business and tell the world that your sautéed mushroom shrimp scampi with fennel — or your latest novel — is absolutely the best of its kind on planet Earth. They could do the same but in reverse if the scampi was cold or the novel is too short, has a “meh” plot or is packed with massively underdeveloped characters … you know the drill. You’ve seen the reviews.

There are many review platforms including Facebook, Yelp, and Angie’s List. The one we’re concentrating on here at Bald Guy Studio is Google, for good reason: Google dwarfs the competition … it’s used more than all of the other search engines combined. People use Google to search for a business and they’re influenced by what they read: the number of stars, how many dollar signs, and what other people are saying in the reviews. Reputation, created in large part by reviews, is everything.

And did you know that Google My Business reviews affect your search engine optimization (SEO)? We’ll show you how … see below.

What should you do about managing your own reviews?

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As I said up top, your brand isn’t what you tell people it is … it’s what people tell each other it is!

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