Video Services

In today’s marketing, nothing accelerates a prospect through the know, like, and trust process like video. Video is immediate, emotional and, if crafted well, can elicit a response like no other medium.

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a variety of video services. Check out the examples below …

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are appropriately named … they can be used to teach, sell, or show a prospect or client how something works. We’re offering a couple of styles at the moment: animated cartoons and whiteboard.

Our animated cartoon software allows us to create videos with many different backgrounds and graphical elements. Videos can use text-to-speech like the Kendra the Robot example below, or you can provide your own voiceover narration. In addition, we have several professionally-voiced packages for businesses, including property rental, life coaching and medicine. Last but not least, we can translate these videos into many languages!

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I LOVE these whiteboard videos! All you need to do is provide a written script and leave the rest to us. We’ll add graphics and photos (feel free to include these, too) and we’ll create a short, attention-grabbing, hard-to-not-watch video and post it to your YouTube channel for you, or pass it along so you can upload it to Facebook or other social channels.

The styles include whiteboard, blackboard and greenboard, and we can add royalty-free music that matches the video message.

Brand Videos

Our brand video storytelling is handled by Sam Kempf. He is an energetic and innovative pro with a well-honed way of getting down to how your story needs to be told, and then telling it with top cinematic production values. Plus, he does drones!

Use the booking form below and let me know if you’d like to meet with Sam and I’ll see if I can set that up!

Meantime, check out Sam’s show reel:

Product Videos

Here’s a product video we created for an industrial decontamination product. The client supplied the recorded voiceover based on a script they wrote and we did the rest.

There are many applications for marketing videos, from product reviews to company culture, to testimonials and events.

Contact us for more info, or book an hour below to discuss you project.

Tell me the truth …

Have you been putting off dealing with your website, social media, email and/or video marketing for a while now? Does getting a handle on it seem overwhelming? I hear you. There is a lot to learn, and keeping up isn’t easy. We love it though and love to share our expertise.

Why not book an hour with us to discuss your marketing projects? It’ll cost you nothing, and you’ll come away with some fresh ideas and resources as well as a clear idea of what our integrated approach at Bald Guy Studio can do to take your business and brand to a new level.